At Smarter Communities our focus lies in the seamless delivery of core strata management services to communities of all shapes and sizes.


We've managed Owners Corporations for over 40 years so we know it can be an overwhelming job for owners. Save your friends and family from the complexities of strata and refer them to Smarter Communities. 


Stress-free Strata Management

Negotiation Power

Being the second largest strata management company in Australia helps us drive economies of scale and cost savings for the benefit of our customers.


230 staff servicing the needs of our customers from 10 strategically located local office across Australia.

Apart from experienced Community Managers, our customers get dedicated support from knowledgeable support teams in repairs & maintenance, insurance, debt recovery, account and finance.


Proven Track Record

We have successfully designed and managed strata communities for over 40 years. We are entrusted by over 5,000 communities of all sizes nationally.

Experience and advice you can trust



Smarter Communities is a family-owned business with 230 staff members. We are the second largest Strata Management company in Australia, a position we enjoy off the back of successful integrations of leading local strata companies. Today, we operate through five local brands across 10 offices in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.


Our mission is ‘Building Smarter Communities’ under our Local Expert, National Support framework. Collectively, we are united by one vision – to deliver smart solutions to create a better lifestyle for people living and invested in communities. 



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Save your friends and family from strata mismanagement and introduce them to Smarter Communities.

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Building Smarter Communities

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“Our strata management firm
handles all the basics like levies
collection and payments for utilities, maintenance and insurance, as well as dealing with issues as they arise,
on time and without fuss. Every time".


"Our strata manager has a good understanding of issues raised by residents. They have active listening, and problem solving skills when it matters."


"Staff always reply promtly to emails, are helpful and professional. Our committee is extremely happy with their service and would recommend them"



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